History of the Safety Head Collar

During the lovely summer we had in 2009, I unfortunately had to have yet another operation on my right hand. Off work again! ….. ( no.4 operation)

We were running a very busy American Paint Horse and American Quarter horse stud at this time and had several mares due to foal around that time and as any breeder will confirm, just sometimes things just don’t go right.

Sadly a mare at our stud died just after giving birth to a gorgeous bay and white colt foal. But with the expert help from Eqwest Veterinary services, the wee chap thrived and in time moved on to a new home…

Whilst looking after this wee chap I sustained a very nasty break (or 5) to my left leg, this happened whilst also caring for another mare that had just foaled. (A buckskin filly this time) I was so tired with the 20 minute around the clock feeding for the wee orphan that I went to sleep and got stood on by the Dam of the buckskin filly… Quite simply that. (Not that many “non horsey” people believed me… They all think I either managed to get attacked, thrown off, or kicked.) But nothing as dramatic as that occurred, I can assure you….

So there I was…. Right hand in plaster, left leg in plaster… OOPPPS…..

So what to do with my time…………………..

Yep, you’ve got it………….. Design what I have always thought should be available and out there for sale…… The ultimate head collar for baby foals, safe and comfortable, with no buckles to rub their delicate new born skin and that would allow them to escape should they get caught up from either getting hooked up on a gate a fence post, a branch, or even when learning to scratch themselves with their hind foot.. Made with rubber rings that stretch, (a bit like a cat collar) and Velcro fastenings that will pull apart under extreme pressure, keeping your precious baby safe should he or she get in to mischief and in trouble. ………………….. Don’t allow your little one to become another statistic…

And so I started to make little head collars for little foals….Then it wasn’t too long before I was asked to make these head collars for adult horses as well …. Owners of horses that were a wee bit touchy to catch in the field. Competitors for endurance, because they are very light weight to go under the bridle. For ride and drive competitors as they are not too bulky to have under the bridle and for attaching grazing muzzles to for the wee fatties. Great for helping head shy horses over their problems as they are soft and quick to put on with no fiddly buckles to deal with. Also ideal for horses in transit.

If I can save just one horse’s life, or save one horse the pain and distress of being injured through not being able to escape should the worst happen, my efforts will be well rewarded..

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